Children First

Parent Teacher Contact Forms

9.4 Teacher Referral Form
9.5 Initial Introductory Letter to Parents
9.7 About Play Therapy
12.4 SSIS for teachers


File/Chart Forms

11.1 CF Order of Chart Forms
11.2 CF Client Info Form
11.3 Disclosure Statement and Informed Consent – Intern CF
11.4 DSM 5 Parent Sx Measure
11.5 Initial Evaluation CF MS Word FORM
11.6 CF Client Contacts
11.7 Release of Info
11.9 CF Tx Plan
11.10 CF Termination-Transfer Summary
a CF Group Order of Chart Forms 2015
b Group Progress Note
c Group Treatment Plan
cc Group Termination Summary

Foreign Language Forms

Spanish Letter of Introduction to Parents
Spanish CF Client Form
Spanish Release of Info
Spanish Notice of Privacy Practices
Spanish Disclosure Statement and Informed Consent – Intern

Abuse Reporting

Abuse Report Form 2015

Intern Only

12.1 Recording Monthly Stats
12.2 CF Timesheet
12.3 Non-Duplicate Client Sheet

Denver Arch School Calendar 15-16
Denver Public School Calendar 15-16

Disposition List 14-15 Blank (PDF/PC)
b Disposition List 14-15 Blank (Excel/Mac)

Medicaid Billing for CF

Medicaid Cover Letter to Parents 2016
SP Medicaid Cover Letter to Parents 2016
CPT Codes for CF


AUDIT Alcohol Assessment
2015 Client Charges and Contacts
Client Hx Adult Self Report
Client Request for Access to Medical Information
DAST 10 Assessment
Disclosure Statement and Informed Consent – Intern
2015 Initial Evaluation
Notice of Privacy Practices
2015 Registration Form
Release of Info
Symptom Measure Adult
2015 Termination-Transfer
2015_Treatment Plan

General Agency Information

ProBono Disclosure Statement