I was fortunate to be an intern at Maria Droste Counseling Center during the 2011-2012 internship year. The office and therapy staff truly live by the mission of Maria Droste, and are committed to providing excellent services to the community regardless of their ability to pay. The respect and acceptance of others permeates the center;  not only in the environment that is provided, but by the way in which the services are offered and supported. It’s an experience I will never forget.

Dawn Goers
Clinical Psychology Master of Arts Candidate
Maria Droste Counseling Center has been a blessing to this family and to the entire community.

Mother of two adolescents receiving counseling at Maria Droste

Nativity School has been very fortunate to use the counseling services of the Children First program of Maria Droste Counseling Center. Several of our students and their families have benefited from the care and expertise shown by the counseling interns. The teachers and administration have been impressed with the support that the children receive from the Children First program in individual and group sessions. The problems that children face today can be overwhelming to them; our students are encouraged to deal with these situations in a healthy, positive, and productive way through treatments and interventions that they receive from the Children First program.

Kathy Shadel
Principal of Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School

The Children's First program at Asbury has for many years provided a variety of free high- quality mental health services to our students and families. By providing school based counselors, many more students have had access to counseling. I find the Children's First program to be an invaluable resource for the Asbury community.

Nancy Holtgraves
LCSW, NCSP, DPS School Psychologist/Social Worker at Asbury Elementary

We are blessed to have a part time Children's First Therapist at Lowry Elementary. Our school is tremendously diverse with students living in upper and upper middle class while also having the largest homeless community for an elementary school. In order for our school to do the best we can do to serve our students educationally, we need to ensure that their basic needs (which include physical and emotional) needs are met. Our Children's First Therapist is a valuable member of our team to help ensure these needs are met. From our partnership with Children's First, we have noticed tremendous growth in our students demonstrating feelings of emotional safety and security, which allows us to better help them grow in their learning. Thank you Children's First!

Becky L. Bicha
Principal of Lowry Eagles

Maria Droste Counseling (MDS) Services is a valuable resource for schools like Colfax who have limited funds and a great need for mental health services. The MDS counselors work with our students individually and in small groups to address the students needs through play therapy. The counselors are knowledgeable interns and are supervised by highly qualified psychologist to meet the needs of their clients. It is fortunate to have access to affordable mental health services for our students through Maria Droste Counseling Services.

Joanna Martinez
Principal, Colfax Elementary

Maria Droste Counseling Services is a valuable resource for our clients and the community. We have had so much success in referring clients and knowing that the services they will receive will be professional and personable. It is a delight to work with their staff and very reassuring to know that they are there for the community.

Melissa Simmons
Psy.D., Metro Crisis Services, Inc.

As a graduate level intern with Maria Droste Counseling Center I received exceptional clinical training and supervision while developing an appreciation for working with underserved populations. I was looking for an internship that would challenge me as a professional and provide direct clinical experience, and I received so much more. It is a highly collaborative organization and the staff and therapists effectively cultivate an environment of support, growth and learning every step of the way. The experience expanded my worldview and clarified my professional goals ­ I am so grateful.

Elizabeth M. Klaers
Licensed Social Worker - Masters of Social Work, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work

I couldn't begin to describe the hopelessness to anyone I knew. The energy it took to overcome the negativity every day was finally exhausted and I had nearly convinced myself it wasn't worth the effort. Things went from bad to worse, and in an effort to finally reach out and through a series of events, I found the number for Maria Droste Counseling Center and called.

When Derek at Maria Droste answered my call, he was compassionate and calming - I will always remember the tone of his voice. He listened to what I said and set up an intake on the phone that very day. It felt like he threw me a life preserver. From intake to my first therapy appointment I knew I was going to be helped by people who cared about me. My respect and gratitude go out to everyone who is part of the mental health profession, but especially to everyone at Maria Droste who have been helping people for many years because there is a need and it¹s the right thing to do. I continue to see my therapist to discover the tools I can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

C. P.
Client at Maria Droste Counseling Center

Maria Droste Counseling Center has been a resource to the community and to myself personally for over 19 years. I have a private practice not far from Maria Droste and often get calls for requests for services that people are unable to access because of insufficient financial resources. Maria Droste and the private practice at Maria Droste have always found the way to serve these folks with compassion and expertise. This agency is a beacon of hope for so many that would otherwise be unable to find the help they need. I am personally very grateful that they are available to the greater Denver community.

Claire Goodis-Baker