We are very fortunate to be able to partner with Maria Droste Counseling Center. Maria Droste is committed to developing and mentoring strong social work students. The amount of time in supervision and the careful attention to feedback encourages tremendous growth in our students as social work professionals. The clinical training opportunities they provide are top notch, and students are fortunate to gain experience in two of their well-developed program areas. Not only does Maria Droste provide exemplary and much needed services to the community, they also are a committed, skilled, and invaluable partner in educating our future generations of social workers. It¹s no wonder every year, Maria Droste is one of the most sought after placement experiences by our students!

Aneesha Bharwani, MSW, LSW
Director of Field Education | Social Work Department - Metropolitan State University of Denver
My internship experience at Maria Droste Counseling Center far exceeded my already high expectations. I had excellent clinical experience with children, adolescents, and adults. The trainings provided expanded my counseling skills and awareness. Supervision was supportive, and greatly facilitated my learning process. The entire Maria Droste counseling community has an electric synergy that is dedicated to the mission of providing superior counseling, and all who become a part of this mission are challenged to grow, and to strive to meet their potential.

Michele M. Battle, MA, NCC
Former Intern at Maria Droste Counseling Center
I have been a Naropa University internship coordinator for over 5 years and have witnessed students do internships at Maria Droste Counseling Center for more than a decade.  Interns receive superb supervision. They benefit from the chance to work with adults, families and children, and they gain tremendous skills when they collaborate with the excellent team of colleagues and superiors that Maria Droste creates. It is a unique opportunity to utilize what they learned in their programs, see how others work and find their own way of counseling. I regularly tell potential interns that if they are able to secure an internship at Maria Droste, they will develop their skills and contribute to people in a meaningful way. I believe it whole-heartedly. Internship coordinators are grateful for the good work provided by the sound structure of Maria Droste.

Marcy Mullet
Academic Advisor, Internship & Practicum Coordinator - MA Contemplative Counseling Psychology Program Naropa University
I was an intern therapist at Maria Droste Counseling Center for the 2012-2013 internship year.
The therapist group and staff cultivated an environment of constant support which enhanced my personal and professional growth. The supervision I received was the perfect balance of personal support and professional guidance, further motivating me to achieve my goals. Maria Droste provides a unique and invaluable service to the community and I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of this center.  I was honored to work with couples, families and individuals at the center and I will hold this experience with me forever.

Michelle Skiba, MAMFT
Former Intern at Maria Droste Counseling Center
I remember visiting Maria Droste’s website for the first time. I was a counseling MA student looking for an internship site. After reading the organization’s mission statement I knew it was a place for me and I did not need to continue my search. Serving others with empathy, enthusiasm, and humility, respecting and embracing diversity, and working on creating a place of peace, love and harmony – all of it resonated with me strongly and it was describing the way I wanted to be as a therapist. My experience as an intern of 2012-13 at Maria Droste was invaluable. I have learned a lot from my supervision, excellent trainings, and from working with clients. Today, I am still a part of Maria Droste Counseling Center, working as a pro bono therapist. I am grateful and honored to be a part of this wonderful organization and community.

Marta Oko-Riebau
Former Intern at Maria Droste Counseling Center