Family and child therapy covers a broad spectrum of counseling services including parenting education and support, counseling with a full family present, and working with children and adolescents using age appropriate methods.

Counseling can be related to any of the following:

  • Child and Family Investigation (CFI)
  • Child Issues/Play Therapy
  • Divorce Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Parental Responsibility Evaluation (PRE)
  • Parenting Concerns
  • Teen/Adolescent Issues

Child Family Investigator (CFI)

There are times during a divorce when a couple requires assistance from the court in determining issues around parenting time and decision making responsibilities. At these times, the court may appoint a Child Family Investigator who will evaluate the family situation and make recommendations to the court regarding these issues.

Child Issues/Play Therapy

Small children often have needs that can be addressed in therapy, but can be limited by their not-yet-developed ability to verbalize their feelings. Play therapy is a specific method of therapy developed specially for children that utilizes their own creative play to understand their feelings and to help them heal and grow.

Divorce Counseling

Divorce is a loss that can be as devastating as the death of a loved one, and how one adjusts to this loss can impact relationships later in life. Divorce counseling can be very beneficial to you, or you and your spouse, to enable you to move from operating as a married couple to moving successfully into your lives as single individuals. It can also help you prevent making similar mistakes in future relationships.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a specialized type of therapy that treats the family as a whole client. Families often experience stress that can increase arguments and conflict, create splits between family members, and cause home life to become chaotic and painful. Family therapy works with the whole family to help improve communication, function, and to restore peace. Learn more about family therapy.

Parental Responsibility Evaluation (PRE)

At times there are significant issues within families that require a more in-depth evaluation regarding parenting in a divorced or divorcing couple. At these times, a court may request a Parental Responsibility Evaluation be conducted in order to assist in determining what is best for the children.

Parenting Concerns

Parenting is a very rewarding but very challenging job, and we as parents can easily fall into parenting patterns that are ineffectual and even harmful. Parenting support can empower and enable you to utilize new skills and strategies to provide structure, balance, encouragement, and a nurturing environment to your children. Learn more about parenting concerns.

Teen/Adolescent Issues

Adolescence is a very difficult time of life; full of learning, growth, discovery, change, self-doubt, and searching for identity. It is a time when social and peer relationships become extremely important, and finding one’s place in the world seems daunting. Therapy can help adolescents build strong self-esteem and a sense of belonging in their emerging worlds.