For over 20 years, the CHILDREN FIRST program has served the unique mental health needs of children and their families with on-site counseling services at 21 local elementary schools. In 2014, this program served 635 children and provided 6352 hours of counseling.

CHILDREN FIRST supports children who are experiencing emotional, social, or behavioral problems and helps them develop new skills, improve peer relationships, focus on their academic performance and succeed in school. CHILDREN FIRST offers an innovative and creative solution for schools that want to provide on-site counseling services to their children, including family therapy when needed, but lack the necessary budgets or resources to do so.


  • Individual counseling, including play therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Communication and problem-solving skills for children and parents
  • Classroom interventions
  • Family Therapy
  • Resources for identifying children with more serious mental health needs
  • Grief Counseling

CHILDREN FIRST counselors address the unique needs of each child while emphasizing self esteem as well as social and emotional skill development in all students.

The CHILDREN FIRST program places highly motivated and committed graduate-level interns in schools to work with existing school staff. Over the years, this team approach has proven to be extremely effective in addressing the needs of children, their families, and the school.

There is a significant demand for the CHILDREN FIRST program in both public and private Denver-area schools.  For more information, contact Tiernen Archibald, LCSW, Director of CHILDREN FIRST, at 303-756-9052, ext. 167.