The Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Program aims to address mental health needs and reduce barriers to mental health services by delivering accessible, affordable, and quality mental health services through co-located and integrated care sites. Using a team of licensed mental health professionals, post-graduate fellows, and graduate-level interns, this program maximizes opportunity for screening, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as improves the likelihood of individuals following through on referrals to treatment. 

The Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Program launched in 2015 through a partnership with Mayfair Internal Medicine. Since 2015, the Integrated Care Program has expanded to 10 partner sites in primary care, senior living facilities, affordable housing, and family justice centers within the Denver Metro area. Our team members are co-located at each site throughout the week and coordinate care with partnering sites  in order to improve access to mental health services. 

By providing these services at community sites, the Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Program reaches children, adults, older adults, families, immigrants and refugees, homeless, and victims of violence, improving the health and wellness of our community.

What We Do:

  • Provide outreach, case management, psychoeducation/prevention efforts, and  counseling services to patients, consumers and residents of partner facilities 
  • Create a safe, positive and supportive environment for patients, consumers and residents to express themselves 
  • Identify patients, consumers, and residents at risk for or impacted by severe and persistent mental illness, and make referrals as needed for assessment and mental health services
  • Conduct staff trainings and workshops at partner facilities on mental health related issues 

For more information, contact Paige Dvorak, Integrated Behavioral Health Coordinator.