Post-Graduate Fellowship Training Program

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Maria Droste Counseling Center has been serving the Denver community for nearly 30 years. Our well-reputed master’s level internship program has trained roughly 20 students annually for more than 30 years and enabled us to have a broader impact on our community.

Capitalizing on our already well-reputed and long-standing master’s level internship program, we are able to provide a select number of new graduates unique opportunities for continuous training and supervision before licensure, whilst also broadening and diversifying our mission. Post-graduate fellows play an important role in ensuring that Maria Droste Counseling Center meets the needs of those individuals and families who would not otherwise be able to obtain counseling services. Fellows provide counseling through several Maria Droste programs (click the link for full descriptions), located at our outpatient office, or at other placement sites within Colorado (including schools, senior living facilities, and affordable housing).

Nestled within a supportive, multiculturally sensitive community, the fellowship program is a unique practice model that attends to new clinicians’ training and development. The postgraduate fellowship program started in 2016 and advances each year with feedback from our fellows and influence from our strategic initiatives. 

Who May Apply

The post-graduate fellowship program is an opportunity for pre-licensed mental health clinicians who have completed a master/doctoral degree in counseling or clinical psychology, social work, school counseling, or marriage and family therapy. Fellows must be working toward licensure in Colorado in their fields.

Candidates should be especially committed to our mission of aiding the underserved community. They should exhibit a strong desire to continue their learning and professional and career development within a community of like-minded professionals. They should demonstrate a professional attitude, a high ethical standard, an ability to work independently, take initiative, and exhibit self-awareness and a commitment to personal growth. Fellows who have not had their own counseling are asked to complete a minimum of 6 sessions prior to starting the fellowship.

Beyond direct service to clients/patients, fellows are provided opportunities for developing further experience and skills in the areas of consultation, supervision, training and presentations, and program administration. 

Supervision & Training

Fellowship supervisors are members of The Therapist Group, a collective of therapists highly experienced in a wide variety of modalities, and are enthusiastic about training future therapists. Due to increasingly specialized placements, we also hire field supervisors and employ clinical staff with specific expertise. All of our supervisors have tremendous respect for the important role that fellows play in our mission of providing quality services to the community, and they receive training and consultation specifically related to their supervisory roles. Further, supervisors receive feedback semi-annually via a competency based evaluation process.

Our fellows receive individual and group supervision. We make every effort to provide high quality and diverse supervision opportunities, however it is the fellow’s responsibility to communicate their needs based on their licensure requirements and their individual needs.   

In addition to receiving supervision, 1st year fellows typically co-facilitate a monthly supervision or case consultation group for interns, along with a licensed and experienced supervisor.  

Fellows seeking a second year of training at Maria Droste may apply to be a Senior Fellow, where they will have an opportunity to assume individual supervision of a graduate intern whilst obtaining training, peer support, and supervision of supervision by a licensed supervisor. All fellows are encouraged to take advantage of weekly in-service trainings and other professional development opportunities on a variety of clinical topics that expand their knowledge. While most in-service trainings are prepared for interns and geared toward more fundamentals, trainings are also provided on more advanced concepts. Further, some weekly topics are specifically reserved for and designed based on fellows’ interests. As well, fellows are encouraged to develop and present a training on a particular area of focus. In-service training occurs each Friday morning from 8:30 to noon.

Fellows receive experience in the following areas (depending on their placement sites):

  • Individual Therapy
  • Counseling for Clients of All Ages
  • Medicaid documentation and billing
  • Group Therapy
  • Couples Counseling and Family Therapy
  • Integrated Care

Fellowship opportunities at Maria Droste are generally 9-24 months in duration, beginning in June or August. Weekly hour commitments vary, depending on the placement site.

In their applications, fellowship candidates are asked to choose a track that aligns with Maria Droste programs (Rural Behavioral Health, Children First, Options, Integrated Care). Tracks vary in weekly hour commitment. For fellows, some variation in hour commitment and start date may be available for some tracks. Read about the tracks HERE.


  • Has completed a master’s or doctoral degree in a mental health field recognized by DORA
  • 20-40 hours/week commitment, depending on the track (see track descriptions); full-time, benefited options may be available on a limited basis
  • Understanding of that the fellowship is a 2-year program, with review by fellow and agency at the end of year one.
  • Strong interest in supervising/consulting/training junior colleagues
  • Ability to respond to client emergencies such as risk assessments and abuse reports as needed
  • One hour individual supervision every other week (part-time positions) or every week (full time positions)
  • Two hours of group supervision monthly
  • Quarterly trainings
  • Timely completion of all clinical and agency paperwork & billing
  • A minimum of two audio/video recordings per year
  • Agency key & building entry deposit (currently $25)
  • Child Abuse Record & Background Check fee (currently $35)

Maria Droste Counseling Center is an approved field placement site for several graduate programs, however, our fellowship program is not accredited.


Participants of the post-graduate fellowship program typically receive a stipend of $1,250 for each month worked (part-time position). Variations in hour expectations, duration, and compensation may exist for some tracks. See the current openings below. 

Current Openings


Please complete the Fellowship Application. We request the completion of the application, as well as a cover letter and resume/CV to be emailed to Detailed instructions are on the application form.


Please send questions to Attn: Bridget Hand.